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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Leading by Example Who says the current administration doesn't know how to use the bully pulpit to inspire Americans? From today's AP report on the Vice President's bus tour, the highlight of which was a red-meat speech blasting Sen. John Kerry as "out of the mainstream."
Seventy-year-old Florence Orris, among those at the Parma rally, said she's backing Bush because of his integrity and strong faith. She lamented the "ugly" tone of the campaign but nonetheless said she didn't blame Cheney for blurting out an expletive during an angry encounter with Sen. Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor last month.

"I'm almost getting to that point with my Democratic friends," she declared. "One of them told me this week she hates President Bush."

There's a slogan for you: He may be a potty mouth, but he's our potty mouth!

Let's make this perfectly clear: This administration's policies are so indefensible that a 70-year-old woman from Ohio feels there is no better retort to a Democrat's prodding than an expletive!

Dick Cheney: Contributing to the delinquency of America's seniors!

Friday, July 02, 2004
Dangerous Territory A young spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign came close to pulling a Dan Quayle on MSNBC this morning. Defending the administration's indefensible economic record in the face of yet another disappointing unemployment report, he blurted out something along the lines of "the economy today is as strong as it was when Bill Clinton left office."

Alas, he was saved by the bell -- the anchor declared that he had "the last word."

Too bad -- the only possible response would have been. "Steven, I lived through Bill Clinton's economy, millions of Americans did well in Bill Clinton's economy. Steven, this is no Clinton economy."

To review:

  • More than a million jobs lost during this administration

  • Unemployment almost a point and a half higher than January 2001

  • Inflation outpacing the rate of wage increases, eroding the average American worker's buying power (and, ultimately, their quality of life)

  • And all this despite the sea change in Federal budget conditions, from a healthy surplus to a near-record deficit.

  • Bush and Cheney want to compare their economic record to Bill Clinton's? Bring it on!

    The only thing more laughable is the recurring buzz in the media about how "voters don't seem to appreciate the condition of the economy. Three months of adequate job production doesn't reverse four years of disaster.

    Voters appreciate the condition of the Bush economy all too well. That's why John Kerry will be the next president.