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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Why Can't We Get Guys Like That? As a rabid Met fan and sometimes Red Sox fan, I find this news unfortunate. Am I really going to be reduced to waiting for Steinbrenner's death, and hoping that estate tax considerations will force his heirs to sell the team?

For the record, while Murray Chass in the NY Times was quick to tell Mets fans that they had had their chance at A-Rod, the fact is that the Mets never had the chance to do this deal -- and that's what kills us. It's not just the fact that the Yanks can outspend everyone short of the Kremlin, it's that somehow they manage to find ways to get bargains.

Yeah, we could have signed A-Rod for $25 million/year ... and likely ended up in the same situation as the Rangers: last place. The Yankees will only end up paying him $16 million/year -- deduct the money they'll save from Aaron Boone's voided contract, and it's a net $10 million addition to their payroll.

I think even the Wilpons would have managed to add the best player in baseball for $10 million.