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Friday, January 30, 2004
And Now, The Scam is Clear Why have Bill Donohue and the Catholic League been so quick to bend over backwards to defend Mel Gibson? Because they're business partners!
“On p. 2 of the current edition of our monthly journal, Catalyst, we invite Catholic League members to buy advance tickets to ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ We bought 1200 tickets and are subsidizing the cost, charging only $5 a piece. In two days we were sold out. Now we are buying thousands more.*

If it Quacks Like a Conservative... In a later post, Donohue complains that the media frequently refers to his group as "the conservative Catholic League."
Indeed, a Nexis search of U.S. news for all available dates for the term ‘conservative Catholic League’ turns up 136 hits (135 of which have come since I began as president in 1993).

Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Yeowch! Talk about deep-rooted conventional wisdom: Check out this Doonesbury strip on John Kerry ... from 1971! (link via Kerry-hater Mickey Kaus)

By the way, did anyone else know CBS was planning to air a remake of "Night of the Living Dead" last Sunday? Wait, it wasn't a remake? That was just Ed Bradley's interview with Kerry on 60 Minutes? Ah.

Kerry was tired and sniffly, and at one point was caught on camera sitting up after leaning out of the frame to blow his nose or something. He was also pettily inconsistent, complaining that the press was misinterpreting his "joke" about John Edwards still being in diapers while he was in Vietnam, but solemnly condemning Wes Clark as "dismissive of lieutenants" for commenting on Kerry's military experience by telling Larry King, "with all due respect, he’s a lieutenant and I’m a general." Clark has since said his comment was meant as a joke as well.

At best it was a missed opportunity to show off his allegedly new and more effective campaigning style to a suddenly interested national audience. At worst ... don't tell me I'm going to have to vote for another Southerner!