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Friday, September 19, 2003
History Lesson: Yesterday's Times carried a piece about the "debate" over whether the World Trade Center site should continue to hold that name, with the requisite hand-wringing from "community activists" that:
"As soon as you call it the trade center, you imply that it should be a coordinated complex of large-scale buildings that has a kind of heroic quality," said James Biber, a partner in the Pentagram design firm and a panelist.

"It pretty much negates being connected back to the city fabric."


Actually, given my fascination with trains, I was always partial to the idea of resurrecting "Hudson Terminal," the name the site carried when it was known primarily as the terminus of the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad, today's PATH.

However, the Times helpfully points out that the site has carried other names as well, although some are evocative in wholly different ways:

Although there are other names with historical connections to the site or its environs — Hudson Terminal, Washington Market, Telegram Square, Radio Row, Little Syria — none seem quite right.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
As Good as an Endorsement? Take this for what it's worth, given the source, but the Washington Times is reporting that New York's junior senator will be Gen. Wesley Clark's campaign co-chairwoman. [link via calpundit]

Loyal readers will remember Mourning in America pointing out that the best way for Clark to get into the race would be at the behest of a major party leader. While former President Bill Clinton has insisted that he cannot endorse a candidate in the primary, his wife is a major leader in her own right, and her presence presumably shows his tacit endorsement of the effort.

Update: Who knows if it's true? Well, presumably Hillary's office, which told Fox that it isn't. Fox was apparently the original source of the WashTimes report, which raises an interesting point -- did the right-wing press think linking Clark with Hillary was a smear that would make him appear more radical to the electorate? I don't think it would have been a problem for him, but it does show the right's enduring obsession with all things Clinton. Would that they were as obsessed with replicating the last administration's job-creation record.